PARLE is one of the major players in the Food Processing Industries competing with several multinational companies since 50+ Yrs. And having their more then 25 Nos. of plants across the India.. They have very recently commissioned state of art production facility for their complete range of Biscuits at Bhuj into the 2.5 Sq.Km Area and Power Demand of 1500 kVA from GEB


Initially, PARLE has started to run the Plant on GEB Supply fed thru’ Distribution Transformer & OLTC but due to tremendous fluctuations of HT Supply & Unbalance System, their production machines were giving them malfunction and were affecting their production schedule..

Due to same, in spite of having GEB Power of 1500 kVA, they were forced to run entire plant on DG Supply..


NIFA ELECTRONICS has studied Incoming Supply, Plant Operation & Load pattern for 2 days.. After same submitted detail report on Power Quality, Effects of Unbalance Supply onto Motive Load.. In Power Quality report, they have exhibited to install 1500 kVA Unbal. L.T. Indl. A.V.R.. NIFA Electronics also confirmed payback of their investment of Rs.2500 K within 7.5 Months..


PARLE PRODUCTS achieved Balance & Stabilized Supply to Complete Plant Motive & Lighting Load, Reduction in breakdown of Electrical Equipments, Reduction in kWh Consumption & Improvement of Power Factor..