NUTAN TOBACCO is located at near to Nadiad & onto the Ahmedabad-Baroda Highway.. They are into Tobacco processing Business.. The unit is powered by GEB and having tremendous problems of brown outs and blackout.. They have one Tobacco processing line manufactured by some Chinese Co. having total length of some 100 Meters. From raw material end to finished goods end.. In the same line, they are having motor driven conveyor belt of 50 Meters. And it is exposed to Laser Lights in close chamber with internal temperature of more then 120 Deg.Cel..


They were facing problem of fire in close chamber of same line due to power failure situation, which was human hazardous as well affecting their production line functionality, too.. Due to this fire, they had to keep few fire extinguisher in ready condition and one vehicle in stand by position to get those extinguisher refilled from Baroda.. 2 HP drove the same belt drive, 3 Ph. Motor and they were looking for some solution, which can drive the belt for few minutes even after power fail.. They approached more then 25 different U.P.S. manufacturers of Gujarat but all of them have regretted to supply them such a low rating of U.P.S. with 3 Ph. I\P. & 3 Ph.O\P..


After studying the application, NIFA ELECTRONICS has offered & supplied them 2 kVA U.P.S. having 3 Ph. I\P. & 3 Ph. O\P. with 15 Mins. Battery back up..


Fire problem solved. Rs.3000.00 Per Day towards Cost of extinguisher & standby vehicle with diesel cost has been saved.. Capital cost of U.P.S. recovered within 6 Months.. Workers have started to work in tension free environment.. Damage of machineries has stopped.