"NITEL" h t industrial a.v.r

NIFA ELECTRONICS Began outlining sound company framework, built on professional lines way back in 1991. NIFA ELECTRONICS has grown by leaps and bounds in exponential manner to become one of the major player in the field of POWER CONDITIONING, POWER MANAGEMENT & Allied Technical Services..

BRIEF ABOUT "NITEL" H.T. Industrial A.V.R.

Automatic Voltage Regulator is an equipment meant for obtaining constant voltage from fluctuating mains input supply. It protects valued Plant & Equipments from over and under voltage, resulting in improvements in the efficiency, performance, safety and life of the equipments. “Nitel” cover a wide range of Automatic Voltage Regulator of the capacity from 25 KVA to 5000 KVA for different input voltage ranges both LT & HT (400 V & 11/33 KV). Transformers with BUILT IN stabilizers are covered upto capacity of 5000 KVA. The range of input supply which the regulator is designed for depends upon the voltage condition at the supply point. However some standard ranges for H.T. Industrial A.V.R. are as mentioned in box.

Input Voltage 8 KV & 12 KV 9 KV & 12 KV
Output Voltage 11 KV

WHY “Nitel” INDL. A.V.R.

  • Energy saving between 5% to 10%.
  • High efficency (above 98%) & minimum load losses.
  • On Load stepless voltage variation.
  • Increase in the productivity by reducing the breakdown period of the machines.
  • Reduction in maintenance cost of the equipment.
  • Low replacement cost.
  • Long Service life.
  • 80% Depreciation claim as per Income Tax Act.


“Nitel” H.T. Indl. Automatic Voltage Regulators are used to get stable input voltage for individual Distribution Transformer, irrespective of High / Low Voltage being received from Electricity Authority. These are installed on the input side of the Transformers. It also prevents the Transformer from getting overloaded. “Nitel” H.T. Automatic Voltage Regulator takes care of wide voltage variation ranges, sleeplessly and in ON LOAD condition, leading to full load utilization of the Transformer, installed.

“Nitel” H.T. A.V.R. Comprises of

  • Step Down Unit, double wound.
  • Buck Boost Unit, double wound.
  • Regulator Unit, auto wound delta connected with rolling contacts capable of moving on the winding through Automatic / Motorized / Manual mechanism for regulation of the voltage at the output side.
  • Control Unit.


“Nitel” H. T. Indl. A.V.R. play efficient role in all types of Resistive, Inductive & Capacitive loads, like Resistance Heating, Lighting Equipments, Motors, Rectifier Loads etc. It can be installed any where, may it be an Industrial Plant like Cement, Flour Mills, Pharmaceuticals, Cold Storage, Textile, Paper, Food Processing, Chemical, Oil & Vanaspati Plants, and name a few; Hospitals, Hotel, Shopping Mall, Residential Colony/Complex etc.


Owing to its high efficiency and associated benefits, the payback period for the cost of “Nitel” INDL. A.V.R. is from 6 to 12 months. Depending upon the Input Voltage Variation and number of working hours of the plant.. The HIGHER the Input Voltage the SHORTER will be payback period..


  • Prolonged coil life (15-20 years) under normal working conditions, due to robust winding.
  • The graphite rollers roll, while sliding on the coil track, so contact point of the roller goes on changing which prolongs the life of the rollers.
  • Without lifting the complete assembly, the rollers can be inspected / replaced by opening the top cover only.
  • Can be manufactured for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR installations.


Input Voltage 9 KV to 12 KV; 50 C/S; 3 Ph, 3 wire (OTHER RANGE ON EQUEST)
Output Voltage 11 kV, 3Ph, 50 C/S; 3 Wire (OTHER RANGE ON REQUEST)
Type of AVR * Balance Type with Single Phase control
* Unbalance Type with Each Phase Control CKT & Mechanism.
Efficiency 99%
Cooling ONAN
Type Indoor
Temp.Rlse 35 Degree Cs. Above, ambient
Mounting On Uni-Directional Wheels
Correct Rate 1.25% of Input Voltage
Duty Cycle 100%
Wave form Distortion Virtually Nil
Over Load Capacity 200% for 1 Minute


  • Online UPS
  • HT & LT Industrial AVR
  • Servo Stabiliser
  • Ultra Isolation Transformer
  • Automatic Power Factor Control Panel
  • Maximum Demand Contr
  • Special Control Panels


  • Power Quality Management
  • Energy Audit Study


Centrally located in Ahmedabad, the customer support division remains consistent in progressively adding to its well-deserved reputation, spurred by a scientific spirit, entire team of engineers & technicians involved in the maintenance operations, meticulously work to keep customer demands satisfied. Our commitment to the customer goes beyond executing the best possible equipment. To help assure the perfect match of product & application, we offer and extensive direct support at all levels.