SOLARIS CERAMICS (Varmora Group) is one of well known & reputed company in morbi.. They are manufacturing wall tiles since 10 years with 24 x 7 running plant..


SOLARIS CERAMIC has installed high quality, sophisticated, computer controlled, fully automatic & imported Digital Printing Machine in their plant for manufacturing Digital Tiles..

Digital Printing Machine supplier always insist for smooth, stable & quality power to their machines for,

  • Best product & quality printing on tiles
  • Less maintenance of their machines as all control cards are prone to power fluctuation problems
  • Utmost production & efficiency of their machine
  • Reduced wastage of raw materials as like raw tiles, inks & solvents.

SOLARIS CERAMICS installed this Digital Printing machine somewhere in 2013 with inferior quality of UPS.. This UPS was giving lots of production and machine problems.. They were loosing their production, machine run hrs and increasing machine maintenance cost.. They must have spent huge amount in lacs of rupees, due to poor quality of UPS..


In Nov’2016, SOLARIS CERAMICS asked solution of same to NIFA Electronics..

NIFA Electronics suggested to install NITEL U.P.S. of 30 kVA, which will give,

  • Smooth, Clean power to Digital Machine
  • Will increase productivity of machine
  • Will reduce maintenance cost of machine


After installation of NITEL U.P.S., all above mentioned results were achieved.. SOLARIS CERAMICS has saved huge amount spent for maintenance cost & loss of production, too