NIFA ELECTRONICS Began outlining sound company framework, built on professional lines way back in 1991. NIFA ELECTRONICS has grown by leaps and bounds in exponential manner to become one of the major player in the field of POWER CONDITIONING, POWER MANAGEMENT & Allied Technical Services..


Generating reactive power at the point of consumption helps energy production and thus saves energy. It frees power plant capacity for the production of active power and reduces losses in transmission and distribution systems. At the same time, there is a higher capacity available for the transmission of active power.

To generate reactive power at the power plant is uneconomical, producing losses in the electricity network. This leads to increased use of primary energy. In transmission and distribution systems, reactive power requires as much capacity as active power.

To increase the efficiency of their performance, electricity suppliers and the owners of transmission and distribution networks have adopted a "reactive power tariff", which encourages consumers to produce locally the reactive power they need, for example with the help of compensation capacitors.

In boosting the production and distribution of electricity, reactive power compensation reduces the need for oversized power plants and distribution networks.


The elements connected in parallel are formed in series group to meet the voltage requirement. The complete element assembly is insulated with insulating material to get the desired insulation level and inserted in CRCA container. The capacitors are dried under vacuum and impregnated by synthetic liquid under accurately controlled condition. Solder – sealing of metallic bushing to the capacitor container ensures hermetic sealing.

Nitel brand LT capacitors are manufactured with internal element fuses.

Every individual capacitor element is protected by a fuse. In case of element failure during abnormal condition, only one element is disconnected. After disconnection of the faulty element, the capacitor unit restores the normal operation within milliseconds with a slightly reduced output. With internal fuse there will be no continual arcing in the capacitor init and thus risk of case bursting is considerably reduced.


ENERGE CAPACITORS PVT LTD has been accredited with ISO 9001 certification by International Certification Services (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. Our products are periodically type tested at government approved laboratories like CPRI and ERDA.

LT capacitors are manufactured in proven and established 3 layer film + foil design. Our capacitor are designed to withstand the most arduous system conditions that are generally prevalent in complex industrial loads like steel, chemical and textile industries.

ENERGE has supplied capacitors for 110 kV capacitor bank in south India and it is in continous operation since 2001. we have also manufactured and supplied Medium frequency water cooled capacitor for induction furnace with one single unit of 2500 A rated current. Ours is a unique company in India to have achieved feats both in voltage as well as current.

All PP Capacitors

"Nitel" All PP Capacitors are manufactured using Double Hazy and Double Thick Polypropylene films between two electrodes of Thick Aluminium Foil (soft annealed, 99.3% purity) and have extended foil construction to ensure low watt losses. The capacitors are impregnated with Non PCB, biodegradable impregnant, and hemetically sealed.


  • Design for tropical Condition
  • As per IS : 13585 part I – 1994 & IEC
  • Suitable for heavy duty application
  • Extended foil design
  • Most reliable for harmonic infested systems
  • Proven performance in multi switching operations.
  • Production process adopted is identical to the Process of HT Capacitor
  • Capacitor units provided with internal element fuses.
  • Very low losses to the extent of 0.6 watts per KVAr or less including losses in dielectric, internal fuses, and connection leads.

LT Capacitor APP
Standard IS : 13583 – 1994, IEC
Type & Technology ALL PP, Film + Foil
Dielectric Double think hazy PP film (Japan / France / Finland)
Electrode 6 micron Aluminum Foil (Switzerland and USA)
Impregnate Non-toxic – Non PCB oil (Japan and France)
Safety & Unit Protection Internal individual element fuses
Rated Voltage 415/440 V AC (other ratings on request)
No. of Phases Three Phase (on request 1 Phase can be Supplied)
Frequency 50 c/s
Insulation Level 3 KV rms / 15 KV peak
Max. Permissible over load AS per IS : 13585
Container Hermetically sealed type: Material : CRCA
Bushing Steatite Bushing fitted with rubber sealing.
Terminals Extruded Brass terminals
Discharge device Discharge Resistor provided externally
Location & Cooling Indoor Type / Naturally air cooled
Earth Terminals Provided 2 Nos.
Terminal Over Provided (Protection cover)
Surface treatment & Painting Light phosphating + prime coating + enamel grey paint finish (special coats and shades on request)


  • Online UPS
  • HT & LT Industrial AVR
  • Servo Stabiliser
  • Ultra Isolation Transformer
  • Automatic Power Factor Control Panel
  • Maximum Demand Contr
  • Special Control Panels


  • Power Quality Management
  • Energy Audit Study


Centrally located in Ahmedabad, the customer support division remains consistent in progressively adding to its well-deserved reputation, spurred by a scientific spirit, entire team of engineers & technicians involved in the maintenance operations, meticulously work to keep customer demands satisfied. Our commitment to the customer goes beyond executing the best possible equipment. To help assure the perfect match of product & application, we offer and extensive direct support at all levels.