Energy Saving Achieved#PRANAV INDUSTRIES

In today’s scenario, when USA & Europe hit by major crisis & India SME segment is also passing from bad phase of growth, Central Pollution Control Board has tighten nose of industrialist on pollution problems, mainly in Gujarat

In this situation, initiative of PRANAV INDUSTRIES in EDI-Dyes & Chemical Cluster for Energy Conservation Implementation Project is really appreciable & examplanetary for other Industrialist, too.

PRANAV INDUSTRIES is SME among 700 Units in VATVA, GIDC, Ahmedabad & 500 Units of Dyes-Chemicals units of Gujarat. They are manufacturing Black Dyes with Production capacity of 2.5TPD/ 80TPM/ 900TPA. Plant is equipped with Reaction Vessel-6 Nos; Blender-1 No & Bowl Mill-4 Nos.. Plant is also equipped with Gas fired Spray Drier.. Plant energized with 65 kW Power from Torrent power.

During Energy conservation study of NIFA Electronics, found major key areas like,

  • Incoming Power Supply Quality for voltage fluctuations power factor
  • Demand side Management
  • Plant load factor
  • Reaction vessel of 20kL for Energy Efficient Agitator, Gear Box & Motor
  • Reaction vessel of 35kL for Energy Efficient Agitator, Gear Box & Motor
  • Bowl Mill of 5 Ton for surface gear & motor
  • Blender of 6 Ton for Energy Efficient Ribbon, Gear box & motor
  • Spray Drier for Energy Efficient Blower; Motor; ID fan Control & Feed Pump Control mechanism
  • Lighting load.

After several discussions & technical evaluation by client, we have been asked to work for all targeted areas.

Now it was time for NIFA Electronics to prove themselves & they did it wonderfully. They worked hard even with PRANAV INDUSTRIES staff members and motivated them for Energy Conservation Action plan.

Finally, after serious efforts of 7 months, NIFA Electronics delivered Energy saving of 77381 Units & Rs.400416/- with an Investment of Rs.718000/-.. NIFA Electronics ensured payback of same investment in 22 Months.

It is necessary to inform that, Energy consumption in Jan’10 to Dec’10 was 190706 Units & Rs.985573/-..

In Happy note, PRANAV INDUSTRIES will save their money at 40%, which will in turn also reduce pollution problem in their plant as well as Electrical Generation Co..