Elcontrol Energy Nanovip Plus Memory

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NANOVIP PLUS MEM is a handy and Versatile power, energy and harmonics analyzer that sharply enhances the quality of information and decision making for the knowledgeable electrical engineer. Its small size, quick connections and its ability to provide a very wide range of data makes it an extremely useful tool for load studies and trouble shooting in the field.

NANOVIP PLUS MEM is the instrument for today's engineers who want to control electrical energy costs in 1 Phase and 3-Phase balanced loads through power, energy and harmonics studies. Its ability to provide the relevant information to monitor, understand, analyze and initiate actions for energy management along with its facility to store data on the field, makes this instrument, a comprehensive and powerful tool which every electrical engineer should equip himself with. It simplifies the manner of monitoring information at the loads and raises the quality of energy studies to a new level. NANOVIP PLUS MEM is supplied with a 200A/1V clamp-on(internal dia of 15mm) or with a choice.


  • Identify and eliminate load peaks and associated power problems.
  • Analysing Variations in kW w.r.t time and w.r.t production / quality variations.
  • Power factor studies at the load end at the feeder end to know where to install the capacitor banks and what value of capacitors need to be used.
  • Evaluation of energy consumption of motors, other machinery, lighting loads for analysing and arriving at specific energy consumption
  • Evaluation of various energy saving devices like electronic ballasts, Flat belts, VF Drives.
  • Measurement of harmonics at various machinery for energy loss study.
  • Using step-study method to find out the losses in the mechanical applications..
  • Downloading the relevant data to a PC for analysis of the electrical data with production data to arrive at energy costing and also accurate & dependable report generation.


  • Simultaneous display of V,I, kW and PF because they are inter dependent.
  • Measures active energy (kWh) and reactive energy (kVArh).
  • RS-232 serial communication port Kit includes NANOWIN Software to download either on-line or stored data to a PC
  • Built-in memory to store up to 1 MB data (4032 records)
  • DC measurements with optional probes.
  • Measures Harmonic values absolute and percentage of fundamental V and I (from 1st to 24th ) and THD of characteristics of motors.
  • Accurate, convenient and flexible to use
  • High accuracy 0.3% FS + 0.3% Rdg
  • True RMS Measurement.
  • Programmable PT, CT Ratios for measurements at LT or HT loads.
  • Backlit LCD display.


  • NanovipPlus Mem
  • Carrying Case.
  • Set of Voltage probe.
  • Leads with crocodile clips.
  • Nanowin Software.
  • RS 232 IC Cable.
  • 1.5 V AA Batteries.
  • Warranty Certificate.
  • Calibration Certificate.
  • User Manual.


  • Voltage input : (L-L) max 600 Vrms from 20 to 600 Hz.
  • Current input : 1 Volt from 20 to 600 Hz.
  • 3 Voltage scales and 3 Current scales.
  • Automatic scale change response time : 1s
  • Reference standards : IEC 348 VDE411 Class 2 for operating voltages < 600VAC rms, IEC 1010 600V CAT III, EMC : EN50021-1, EN50082-2, EN55022.
  • Ambient temperature range : from - 10C to + 50C
  • Instrument dimensions : 80 175 32.5mm.
  • Instrument Weight : 500 g.
  • Kit Weight : 1.6 kg.
  • Accuracy : Class 1.0.


  • 4 Penlight batteries
  • External Adaptor 230V AC -6 V DC (optional).


  • JUPITER - Professional Power Quality Analyser for 3 phase unbalanced load.
  • JUPITER PLUS - with all features of JUPITER and Web based communication software
  • MICRO VIP 3 PLUS - for 3 phase unbalanced load with 189 instruments in one.
  • NANO VIP PLUS - Hand Held power and Harmonic Analyser for balance load.


  • Online UPS
  • HT & LT Industrial AVR
  • Servo Stabiliser
  • Ultra Isolation Transformer
  • Automatic Power Factor Control Panel
  • Maximum Demand Contr
  • Special Control Panels


  • Power Quality Management
  • Energy Audit Study


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