H.T.Power Control#CFS, CWC

Central Ware Housing Corpn. (A Govt. of India Undertaking), Container Freight Station, New Kandla is Container Warehousing & Bonded Warehousing facility.. Facility is getting 315 kVA H.T.Power from PGVCL.. CFS, CWC, New Kandla were facing serios performance & operation problems in X-Ray Machines, Refrigeration System, Yard lighting & Office Automation Equipments


CWC, CFS, Ahmedabad contacted NIFA Electronics for above mentioned problems & asked remedial solution for same..

NIFA ELECTRONICS primarily carried out Power Quality Study in Sept’2004.. During study found tremendous amount of Unbalance Supply in all three phases with wide fluctuation.. Also found some stress points on HT Cables..


NIFA ELECTRONICS suggested to install NITEL H.T. A.V.R. of 630 kVA before H.T. Transformer.. Solution was for benefit like,

  • Stabilized & Balanced Supply to entire facility..
  • Reduction in breakdown of Electrical Equipments..
  • Improvement of Power Factor..
  • Reduction in Maximum Demand & Load Current..
  • Reduction in Power Bills..
  • Payback within 24 Months..


CWC, CFS, New Kandla installed same equipment achieved all above suggestions.. For same, NIFA Electronics also carried out Post installation Power Quality Report, too..