GREEN ENVIRONMENT CO-OP SERVICES known as GREEN, is subsidiary of Vatva Industrial Association.. GREEN is Common Effluent Treatment Plant for Chemical Industries of Vatva.. GREEN were having Contract Demand of 1000 kVA.. They are also having stand by DG set of 1000 kVA for power fail situation..


GREEN were looking for some metering system, which can read generate energy by DG set as well some Power Factor Meter for their PCC..


NIFA ELECTRONICS has approached them and given demonstration of one of key instrument for Power Management Application called VIP 396 485-Panel Mounted Load Manager with Energy Management Software..

NIFA ELECTRONICS kept the same Load Manager connected in panel with software for seven days and then given them complete report comprising of various information like Daily Energy Consumption Report, Log Book Of Various Electrical Parameters, PF Management, Power Quality and few more..


After installing same Panel Mounted Load Manager for PCC Panel & DG Panel with Software, GREEN could get benefits like,

  • Cross checking of EB Trivector meter.
  • Recording duration and time for which the Voltage & frequency are beyond desired range.
  • Record duration and time of power outages.
  • Energy accounting accurately the energy consumption daily & shift wise.
  • Link peak demands at the incomer to corresponding demands at downstream feeders.
  • Plotting of PF and kVAr variations with time at incomer.
  • Identification of feeders where Capacitor banks are to be installed.
  • Observe voltage variations and their effect on the specific energy consumption.
  • Analyze and arrive at the correct voltages where the specific energy consumption is least.