A basic requisite for costing (quantification) of poor power quality and also for the formulation of proper standards, guidelines & regulations is the measurement of power quality and the availability of power quality data. PQ variations such as momentary interruptions, voltage sags, switching transients and harmonic distortion can impact customer operations, causing equipment damage and significant costs in lost production and down time. In a present environment it is very important to assess the system performance and identify the sources of power quality problems as to plan system improvements and also to track performance indices.


  • Energy & demand profiling with identification of opportunities for energy savings.
  • Harmonic evaluation to identify transformer loading concerns, resonance concerns, mal-operation of equipment
  • Transformer loading for loss of life, harmonic loading impacts etc.
  • Equipment performance trends, correlation with system performance trends and identification of conditions that may need attention
  • Voltage sag characterizing and assessment to identify the cause of voltage sags and examining mitigation techniques.