NIRMA is one of the giant into Soap & Detergent Manufacturing facilities at several locations of Gujarat..


Few years before, they installed new plant in Bhavnagar for their Soda Ash Production with Captive Power Plant and stand by power from GEB..


NIRMA used to face Maximum Demand (kVA) shoot up problem in some situation and were paying huge penalty to GEB due to it..

NIRMA has called NIFA ELECTRONICS and asked solution for same.. After studying the application, NIFA ELECTRONICS has given demonstration of one of key instrument for Power Management Application called VIP ENERGY ALM-Panel Mounted Load Manager with 2 Relays Output with programming feature of 27 Electrical Parameters..

NIFA Electronics suggested them to install State of art, specially designed PF Panel of 1800 kVAr..

As the equipment is suitable for Industrial Monitoring, Alarm & Load Control, VIP ENERGY has been programmed for Minimum & Maximum alarms on any 2 measurements chosen by the user with selection of the ON and OFF delay time (from 0 to 999 seconds) for each of the two relays which has been connected to the alarms..


NIRMA, Bhavnagar plant has got benefits of,

  • Demand Management
  • Energy Accounting
  • Cross Checking of EB trivector meter.
  • PF Management