NIFA ELECTRONICS Began outlining sound company framework, built on professional lines way back in 1991. NIFA ELECTRONICS has grown by leaps and bounds in exponential manner to become one of the major player in the field of POWER CONDITIONING, POWER MANAGEMENT & Allied Technical Services..


In today's scenario, the utility power available has unfortunately several unwanted parameters like sags, surges, voltage variation, frequency variation, brownouts, spikes, dips, blackouts, etc. However, with more and more sensitive and demanding equipment being deployed by the day, the need for clean power has become all the more essential in order to ensure its correct functioning and to afford total protection.

The Power Master Series of On-Line UPS SYSTEMS offer clean power and total protection to your costly equipment.

These state-of-the-art Double Conversion type UPS systems employing High Frequency PWM Technique using MOSFET/IGBT as the Main Switching Device for Invertors are technically superior UPS systems giving Pure Sine Wave Output. Compact and well engineered, the Power Master systems have been tried, tested in virtually all applications and have been found to be extremely reliable and consistent in delivering optimum performance. These systems, besides being easy to install and operate are simple to maintain, should the need ever arise.


  • Data Processing Equipment
  • Process Automation Systems
  • Medical Diagnostic Systems
  • Banking Terminals
  • Communication Systems
  • Chemical And R&D Lab
  • Office and Factory Automation
  • Satellite Earth Stations
  • Defence and Nuclear Facilities
  • Machine Tools and Robotics
  • ICUs, OTs and Laboratories
  • Power, Generation Stations
  • Prepress and Printing Equipment


  • VHD Logic employed for the first time in India
  • True On-Line Double Conversion type UPS System.
  • High Frequency PWM Design using IGBT / MOSFET
  • Instantaneous sine wave reference technique for superior overall performance.
  • Compact and well engineered architecture.
  • Wide input voltage tolerance range.
  • Suitable for all types and capacities of batteries.
  • Neat and clean Flat Cable Wiring.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output.
  • Smooth and silent operation.
  • Complete annunication on the front panel.
  • Excellent dynamic response for step load change.
  • Fast correction rate for line and load regulation.
  • High inrush / peak current handling capacity.
  • Software interface through RS 232 port for monitoring UPS performance from server.
  • Easy to install, use and maintain.
  • Superior performance to price analysis.


  • Static / Manual Bypass
  • Mains Synchronisation
  • Parallel Redundancy
  • Computer Interface
  • Batteries
  • Battery Cabinets
  • Remote Indication Panel


Rated Output Capacity 0.5 KVA to 40.0 KVA Single Phase;
10 KVA to 500 KVA, Three Phase
Input Voltage 160-270 V AC Two Wire.
330-470 V AC Four Wire.
Input Frequency 47-53 Hzs
Rectifier – Charger Automatic Float Cum Boost Charger, Constant Voltage Constant Current Type.
Battery Input 48 V DC for 0.5 – 2.0 KVA
144 / 180 / 240 V DC for 7.5–10.0 KVA 
120 V DC for 2.0 – 5.0 KVA
360 V DC for 15.0–40.0 KVA
Battery Type S.M.F. / Tubular or any other type for 15 min. to 5.0 hrs. as per req.
Output Voltage 220 / 230 V AC
Regulation ± 1% under all Line and Load Conditions.
Output Frequency 50.0 Hzs.
Regulation ± 0.25%
Inverter Efficiency 88 – 90% or better.
Waveform Sinusoidal.
Distortion THD less than 2%, Any Single Harmonic less than 1%
Transient Response ± 3% under step Load Change of 80%
Transient Recovery Within 5 – 10ms in regulation band
Load Power Factor Unity to .65 Lag within KW Rating
Overload Capacity 120% for 10 mins. 150% for 10 sec.
Crest Factor Better than 2.5
Control Method Double edge PWM with instantaneous control
Switching Frequency 6 KHz / 12 KHz / 24 KHz
Circuit Method Instantaneous sine wave reference technique. VHD Logic
Ambient Temperature 0 – 50 Degrees Celsius
Relative Humidity 95% RH Max. (Non Condensing)
Audible Noise 45 – 55 dB at 1.5 meters.
Cooling Forced Air Type


  • Online UPS
  • HT & LT Industrial AVR
  • Servo Stabiliser
  • Ultra Isolation Transformer
  • Automatic Power Factor Control Panel
  • Maximum Demand Contr
  • Special Control Panels


  • Power Quality Management
  • Energy Audit Study


Centrally located in Ahmedabad, the customer support division remains consistent in progressively adding to its well-deserved reputation, spurred by a scientific spirit, entire team of engineers & technicians involved in the maintenance operations, meticulously work to keep customer demands satisfied. Our commitment to the customer goes beyond executing the best possible equipment. To help assure the perfect match of product & application, we offer and extensive direct support at all levels.