TIRUPATI FOAM LTD is manufacturing wide range of Industrial Foam.. Plant is situated in Khatraj, Dist-Mehsana, Gujarat & Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.. This company is in manufacturing process of PU Foam under brand name of SWEETDREAM in vide range of comfort products with ISI Mark.. They have installed PU Foam making machine at both plants.. Total load of machine is 80 kVA.. With same, they have also installed Foam shape making machine with CNC Controlled, Multi needles stitching machine with Computer interface..


PU foam making process is basically chemical process.. As a part of process, mixed chemical will expand after coming in contact with air & acquire big cubicle shape.. This being batch process, in 1 batch normally, 50 to 100 Tons of chemical get process.. Output of machine is huge size of Foam cubicles..

If during chemical process, power goes off then lots of chemical become waste.. Outflow of chemical also un control & it create lot of spillage.. All spillage would convert in waste foam.. All this problem would be so fast that, complete process room & manpower would be in tough time to manage situation.. All persons become busy in damage control & then cleaning of production area..

Looking towards this, they were running PU Foam making machine on DG Set since inception..


NIFA Electronics visited their plant at their own & assessed the problem.. During study of plant thoroughly, NIFA Electronics team studied production process & commercial aspects of Electricity board cost v/s Diesel Generator operating cost

NIFA Electronics team studied that, TIRUPATI FOAM were paying Electricity Unit cost at Rs.6.56/- & Diesel Generated unit cost at Rs.17.50/-..,

NIFA Electronics suggested to run same machine on NITEL U.P.S. of 120 kVA ..


With installation of NITEL U.P.S., TIRUPATI Foam saved substantial amount in Diesel Cost, Diesel Generator set maintenance & Diesel procurement-spillage cost.. All these savings were giving approximate ROI of 20 months..

TIRUPATI FOAM installed NITEL U.P.S.in Mar’19.. TIRUPATI Foam contributed for Environment & Energy Conservation measure..