PATEL AIRTEMP is Engineering Industries & located in Santej Indll Area.. They were getting 400 kVA Power from UGVCL.. Plant was equipped with heavy loads like CRANES, WELDING & PLASMA MACHINES & so on..


Inspite of Contract demand of 400 kVA, they were facing problem of Demand Overshoot, Plant Load Factor, Fixed Charge Penalty & few more..

NIFA ELECTRONICS primarily carried out plant survey, load pattern study, machine operation & understood problem in depth..


NIFA ELECTRONICS given solution to install NITEL PF Panel of 215 kVAR with VAR based operation using BELUK make Intelligent PF Relay & APP Power Capacitors..


PATEL AIRTEMP accepted & install NITEL PF Panel of 215 kVAr and minimized all above problems.. With installation of PF Panel, Plant Load Factor also improved considerably..