One of renowned & reputed Foundry Industry, situated in GVMM, Odhav;. is in manufacturing process of cast iron based grinding media.. This plant were having contract demand of 2 MVA from GEB..

They have installed 2 Ton induction furnace and same was operating at 585V.. Total load of furnace were 1.6 MVA.. Plant were also having auxiliary load of 1000 KVA which includes Grinders; Welding machine; Shot blasting machine & so on.. They were having some 1400 KVAR of power capacitors for reactive power management in their plant..


They were not able to maintain Unity PF in their utility bills.


NIFA Electronics were called by client to find solution of this problem.. After studying their plant thoroughly for 1 week continuously, problem of Poor PF was identified..

This problem was due to their sintering process of furnace on every Saturday.. During sintering process, plant were operating at 0.3 to 0.4 PF only.. They were trying to bring this PF at unity by connecting power capacitors of 1400 kVAr in auxiliary load section..

NIFA Electronics suggested them to install State of art, specially designed PF Panel of 1800 kVAr..

Specialty of this PF Panel were LT Power Capacitor bank of 1800 KVAR with VAR Based, Automatic Control depending upon load & sensing of reactive power requirement from 11 kV, HT supply..

With installation of same, PF Panel, client can get payback of investment in 18 months only..