Air Condition Testing#HITACHI AC

Hitachi AC is one of the major players in the Window Type, Split Type & Package Air-conditioned Manufacturer and having significant market share into the branded products.. They have state of art testing facilities for their end product.. They are carrying out various tests in different environmental and electrical conditions..


Hitachi was in process to import some Power Source Unit from Japan for their test lab for stimulating Electrical Power Supply in form of Voltage & Frequency.. The same equipment was costing them around Rs.10 Lacs..

Even after importing the same, it was suspicious situation for them, that whether same will work in Indian Power Supply and operators would be able Operate and Maintain the same or not..


Hitachi has approached NIFA ELECTRONICS and asked solution for same.. After studying the application, NIFA ELECTRONICS has offered & supplied similar kind of Power Source with several added features like Multi A\Cs operation simultaneously, Wider Input Voltage Window, and Advanced Output Controls for Voltage & Freq. with commitment for excellent after sales-services..


HITACHI AC got much advanced product then their requirements.. Satisfied needs for their future projects.. Saved Capital Cost.. Ensured after sales-service..