NIFA ELECTRONICS Began outlining sound company framework, built on professional lines way back in 1991. NIFA ELECTRONICS has grown by leaps and bounds in exponential manner to become one of the major player in the field of POWER CONDITIONING, POWER MANAGEMENT & Allied Technical Services..


Energy Audit is a tool to identify areas where excess energy consumption or wastage of energy is taking place. An Energy Audit involves measuring the actual energy used in the plant, comparing it with an estimate of the minimum energy required to undertake the process and establishing technically and economically feasible means to achieve the same. It is an established fact that, a properly executed energy audit can bring forth potential for savings of the order of 2 to 20% in an average Indian Industry.
SCOPE OF SERVICE A detailed energy audit of a facility will cover different operational features of basically the following are as

  • Electricity tariff and billing
  • Possibility of elimination of penalties etc
  • Demand side management and power factor correction
  • Electrical distribution network, operating voltage
  • Performance of capacitors, harmonics in the system
  • Performance of installed motive load
  • Performance of installed machinery
  • Boiler and steam distribution
  • Furnaces
  • Performance of installed utility equipments like Air conditioning/ Refrigeration, Cooling towers, Air compressors, Evaporative cooling system etc.
  • Fuel substitution
  • Process optimization
  • Combined power and fuel options, co-generation
  • Use of non-conventional energy sources
  • In addition to the above, the specific areas, which are lone characteristics of any given industry, will also be attended.


A basic requisite for costing (quantification) of poor power quality and also for the formulation of proper standards, guidelines & regulations is the measurement of power quality and the availability of power quality data. PQ variations such as momentary interruptions, voltage sags, switching transients and harmonic distortion can impact customer operations, causing equipment damage and significant costs in lost production and down time. In a present environment it is very important to assess the system performance and identify the sources of power quality problems as to plan system improvements and also to track performance indices.


  • Understanding PQ & reliability
  • Prioritizing system improvement
  • Identifying problem conditions


  • Energy & demand profiling with identification of opportunities for energy savings.
  • Harmonic evaluation to identify transformer loading concerns, resonance concerns, mal-operation of equipment
  • Transformer loading for loss of life, harmonic loading impacts etc
  • Equipment performance trends , correlation with system performance trends and identification of conditions that may need attention
  • Voltage sag characterizing and assessment to identify the cause of voltage sags and examining mitigation techniques


  • HRC fuses for back - up protection
  • Safety door interlock to prevent door from being opened while Panel is 'ON'
  • Each capacitor is provided with an internal discharge resistor


  • Performance indices calculation, Reporting for system performance benchmarking, Prioritizing of system maintenance & improvement in investments.
  • Capacitor performance assessment
  • Feeder load monitoring and predictive assessment of future loads


  • Panel Mounted Load Manager with data concentrator
  • NANOVIPPLUSMEM - Portable Power & Harmonics Analyzer
  • Digital Ultra Sonic Flow Meter
  • Digital non contact type temperature gun
  • Micromano Meter with Pitot Tube
  • Digital Differential Pressure Indicator
  • Digital Tacho Meter
  • Digital Lux Meter
  • Digital Anemo Meter
  • Digital Video Camera
  • Dry Wet Bulb
  • Earth Tester
  • Megger


  • Energy Policy & Standards - Design to Implementation
  • Techno commercial Assistance for implementation of Ensave measures
  • Subsidy & Financial assistance from Government Schemes & Policies
  • Training to Staff and workers


  • Online UPS
  • HT & LT Industrial AVR
  • Servo Stabiliser
  • Ultra Isolation Transformer
  • Automatic Power Factor Control Panel
  • Maximum Demand Contr
  • Special Control Panels


  • Power Quality Management
  • Energy Audit Study


Centrally located in Ahmedabad, the customer support division remains consistent in progressively adding to its well-deserved reputation, spurred by a scientific spirit, entire team of engineers & technicians involved in the maintenance operations, meticulously work to keep customer demands satisfied. Our commitment to the customer goes beyond executing the best possible equipment. To help assure the perfect match of product & application, we offer and extensive direct support at all levels.