NIFA Electronics is already working in Energy Audit & Implementation of saving measures field since 10+ years.. We have done 300+ projects in all type of industries.. As you know very well, Energy Audit is a tool to identify areas where excess energy consumption or wastage of energy is taking place. An Energy Audit involves measuring the actual energy used in the plant, comparing it with an estimate of the minimum energy required to undertake the process and establishing technically and economically feasible means to achieve the same. It is an established fact that, a properly executed energy audit can bring forth potential for savings of the order of 2 to 20% in an average Indian Industry.


  • Electricity tariff and billing
  • Possibility of elimination of penalties etc.
  • Demand side management and power factor correction
  • Electrical distribution network, operating voltage
  • Performance of capacitors, harmonics in the system
  • Performance of installed motive load
  • Performance of installed machinery
  • Boiler and steam distribution
  • Furnaces
  • Performance of installed utility equipments like Air conditioning/ Refrigeration, Cooling towers, Air compressors, Evaporative cooling system etc.
  • Fuel substitution
  • Process optimization
  • Combined power and fuel options, co-generation
  • Use of non-conventional energy sources
  • In addition to the above, the specific areas, which are lone characteristics of any given industry, will also be attended.