"Beluk" PF Relay

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Reactive power compensation panels are used to reduce load in the Electrical grid and to save costs. This is the reason, that there are Special requirements for the control units of these compensation panels, the reactive power regulator.

The most important task for the reactive power regulator is to control the reliable termination of reactive power. This is reducing the costs for electrical energy. Cables, transformers, switch components and power distribution are unloaded by reduce reactive power.

Another task of the reactive power regulator is monitoring the compensation panel and giving alarms.

All of these requirements are solved by Beluk reactive power regulators with their patented regulation principle. By continuous measuring of the capacitor power, the steps are always used with their exact capacitor ratings. The regulation program is only defined by the choice of the capacitor sizes. There are no limitations and no settings for step sequence are necessary at BLR-CX. If BLR-CX cannot recognize anymore the function of a step e.g. caused by damaged capacitors, contactors or blown fuses, then it shows alarm. The integrated alarm relay with sign-of-life contact can forward this also to a control room.


BLR-CX is equipped with LCD with backlight. It shows information about the panel and about the mains parameters.


Voltage, Current, kW, kvar, kva, kvar to target, rd th THD U, 3 to 15 harmonic of voltage, cos phi, power factor, frequency, temperature


Power-on hours of panel, operating cycles per step, max, percentage rating per step rating per step compared with the nominal rating. Cos phi and status of the exits are shown permanently.


The monitoring features of BLR-CX guarantee a reliable operation and a long life of the compensation panel:

  • Low voltage switch - off against chattering of contactors
  • Over voltage switch-off for protecting the capacitors
  • Over temperature switch-off
  • Monitoring of THDU
  • Recognition of defective capacitors
  • Alarming, when target o regulation cannot b reached
  • Signaling of the need for maintenance
  • Fan control
Failures and announcements of the panel are shown in LCD
Failures can also be forwarded by the volt free alarm-contact (sign-of-life signal)
For switching the fan, one of the step-exits has to be used.


  • For real time compensation
  • For individual compensation in all 3 phases
  • Thyristor switches


Type of device Power Factor Control Relay (Automatic Reactive Power management)
Control variable Electrical displacement reactive power
Principle of Regulation Stepped regulation with the following modes : Best-Fit : starting with the
biggest exits; LIFO: last in-first out; Comb filter: Best-Fit, with more
connected power of odd exits; Progressive: all required exits are switched in
quasi one operation
Special Feature Automatic detection and correction of the phase of the phase of current
voltage connection; Automatic detection of the used exits; Over-and under
voltage monitoring; Monitoring of THD U; Over temperature switch-off
Measuring Display V, A, kVA, kW, kvar, THD U, 3 to 15 harmonic of voltage
Information Display Switch cycles per step, capacitor rating, status of the exits, Operating hours
of the panel, max. temperature, average PF
Measuring & Auxiliary Voltage 90-550 V AC,1 Ph,45-65HZ,5VA, max. fuse 6A, VT ratio from 1 to 350.0
Current Measuring 10mA-6 A, 1 Ph, burden 20mOhm, CT ratio from 1 to 4000
Control Exits Upto 14 relay , N/O, volt free with common point, max. fuse 6A,
Capacity 250V AC/5A
Temperature measuring By NTC
Sign-of-Life contact Relay, volt free, N/O, max. fuse 4A, breaking capacity: 250V AC /5A
Fan Control By using a control exit
Interface TTL, rear side
Ambient Temperature Operation: -20 C-70 C, storage:-20 C80C
Humidity 0% -95%, without moisture condensation
Overvoltage class ll , pollution degree 3 (DIN VDE 0110, Teil 1/ IEC60664-1)
Standards DIN VDE 0110 Teil 1 (IEC 60664-1:1992)
VDE 0411 Teil 1(DIN EN 61010-1 /IEC 61010-1:2001)
VDE 0843 Teil 20 (DIN EN 61326 /IEC 61326: 1997 +A1:1998+A2:2000)
Conformity and Listing CE, UL, Cul
Terminals Plugable terminal blocks, screw type, max. 4qmm
Casing Front: IP50, (IP54 by using a gasket),Rear: IP20
Weight Approx. 0.6kg
Dimensions 144x144x58mm hxwxd, cutout 138 (+0.5) x 138(+0.5)mm


  • Online UPS
  • HT & LT Industrial AVR
  • Servo Stabiliser
  • Ultra Isolation Transformer
  • Automatic Power Factor Control Panel
  • Maximum Demand Contr
  • Special Control Panels


  • Power Quality Management
  • Energy Audit Study


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