Today with the world economy opening up, there is an increased competitive environment, which encourages and helps only those who focus on-appropriate products and services of good quality and price. This becomes possible only when industries are progressive adopting the appropriate technologies and means to produce good quality goods at the lowest possible costs. Electrical energy is one of the input costs besides the raw material and human resources.

All industries have an elaborate System of accounting to see where each and every rupee in the industry is spent. We are all aware that the electrical energy is already expensive and the energy bills for all major industries are running into Crores of rupees every year. We have to now ask ourselves, whether isn't it time that we start critically accounting for each unit of electrical energy spent in the industry, just the way we account for each and every rupee spend in the company. It is time we stop looking at electrical energy as a fixed cost or some sort of tax to be paid every month & year, on which we have no control.

We need to realize that just a without Management, no industry can run and without effective Management, no industry has future, without effective Energy Management, there cannot be control on the energy costs, which may have a bearing on the company's profitability, competitiveness and perhaps the future too. The attitude of the management, if it calls it progressive, has to get reflected in taking charge of energy costs through energy management.

A detailed analysis of the consumption data will enable the industry to save up to 15% of the bill, depending on the kind of industries, without significant investment. If this were the kind of saving possible on an energy bill that is running into Crores every year, the saving would be substantial.

Even as automation, with the availability of better technologies and products has substantially increased the production capabilities, Quality control methods, the electrical panels to a large extent remain untouched an remained with the age-old analog meters. This was also aided by the fact that energy was available in abundance and the Demand was low. But with increased industrializations, energy started becoming scarce as well as expensive, and hence the need for Energy saving through proper utilizations has come. This brought in the need for appropriate instruments, which will help the industry to monitor, account, analyze, act and continue to monitor the electrical loads and feeders, to ensure that the available energy is effectively utilized.

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